20160722_174609Rose Virginia Butler was raised among the fairies in the foothills of northern California, where she learned the magic of storytelling from a variety of wizards, witches, mermaids, and superheroes. To her chagrin, she was never kidnapped by pirates or abducted by aliens, but she managed to find adventure in the most boring place of all: school. In her teens, she began a lifelong battle with the demons Depression and Anxiety, which she currently has under her thumb with the help of some very powerful potions and spells.

She presently serves (and drinks) lots of coffee and tea at the Putah Creek Cafe in Winters, California, a magical land known the world over for farmers, steak, and a certain country music singer we’re not supposed to make a fuss about. At the end of 2016, she will become a true Phoenix, and she’ll get down to doing things like befriending dragons, hunting things, and time traveling. Until then, she’ll straighten her Viking helmet and continue to captain the NaNoWriMo ship for Yolo County alongside Elisabeth Kauffman.